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About Us

Mission Statement:

StayWet is promoting for the benefit of the Spectator. "It is all about the show." Giving the racing community the advantage of a dust controlled enviroment. Allowing for better visibility for the Spectators and Drivers alike.

While bonding soils together, providing a fast multiple groove race track. Assisting the track prep operator with benefical results of their hard efforts of preparing the surface for dirt track events.

In the every day commercial use, we have introduced VP Dust Deterrent for Construction, Industrial, Military, Cement Plant, Mining, Gravels, Landfills and more, to offer the best in dust control. 

Our company, wants to provide an environmentally friendly product to everyday uses for dust control to aid in providing a better workplace and entertainment venue for a healthier environment.

American made products by American Workers!

Senoia Raceway