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VP Racing Fuels StayWet, The New Frontier

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StayWet is now available through VP Racing Fuels Distribution Centers and Dealer networks.

StayWet is currently available in 5 gallon pails for retail sales. VP Racing Fuels has established a "Special Pallet Program" for track owners and operators.
The Special Pallet Program offers tracks to purchase a seasons supply of StayWet, for an adjusted cost of regular retail pricing.

With the EPA breathing down the necks of auto racing. StayWet shall bring your dirt track to an environmentally friendly facility.  With better soil moisture, compaction, adhesion modifiers will produce much less dust or even eliminate dust.

StayWet has proven that even in West Texas winds, heat and arid air, to preform far better than plain water.
At Abilene Speedway, 35-45 mph winds sustained, gust to 54 mph, 86 degrees, 22% humidity, North side grandstands. The use of StayWet, reduced water volume, only 8000 gallons of water used and 4 1/4 gallon of StayWet. 
Kept the soil compacted and reduced the dust 95% from the normal standard.

During the three day show, with the use of StayWet. StayWet made the track even better.  On the third day, 4000 gallons of water and 108 oz of StayWet were used.  178 cars raced for 4 1/2 hours raced.  
The racing surface did"not" produce any dust and the racing was in all lanes, from top to bottom at a one groove track.  

This has been repeated at many tracks across the United States.

Tech Support is provided by Dane Miller, Product Manager StayWet Product Lines. 210-510-8411


Track Retail = 375.00/pail + Freight

Special Pallet Program for track retail customers = 330.00/pail with min. of 24/pails + Freight