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VP Dust Deterrent, formulated for for Road Construction, Industrial, Cement Plants, Mining, Gravel Lots, Agriculture/Winery, Iron/Steel/Aluminum Industry, Coal, Quarry, Military/Grounds/Aviation, Marine Ports, Scrape/Recycling, Oil/Gas, Municipal, Baseball Diamonds and Landfills.
Keep dust controlled and ground packed for longer duration for heavy equipment mobility.
VP Dust Deterrent penetrates the soils, making the soil hydrophilic, which allows for less water usage.
Possibly up to 33% less water needed to be applied throughout the day.  Less trips, equal money savings!

Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, non-hazardous

VP Dust Deterrent will help with a healthier environment for the workforce and the job site area. Work or Play, VP Dust Deterrent makes life easier.

  • Provides more than just moisture. It ionizes the dirt surface for better compaction.
  • Reduces water volume.
  • Reduces dust with continued use.
  • Will not hurt plant life. Rather it will promote plant growth.
  • VP Dust Deterrent is non-corrosive. Shall not harm metal parts.
  • Works on sand, gravel and loamy surfaces, all soil types.
  • VP Dust Deterrent is a non-hazardous material. Bio-degradable.
  • Simple to use liquid.  Measure and pour.
  • VP Dust Deterrent will not harm waterways, which may result in fish kill.
  • VP Dust Deterrent shall draw moisture from the air, helping retain more moisture at the surface.
  • Less dust means a healthier work environment and job site.
  • VP Dust Deterrent can be added to mist sprayers for Rock Quarries, Coal, Mica, Kaolin and many others.
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance costs by lowering the levels of dust that clogs filters, bearings, and machinery
  • Reduces the cost of cleaning vehicles, equipment, and property and job sites.
  • Tackles the problem of breathing and allergy with related dust issues.
  • Helps with impaired vision due to dust issues.
  • Horse arenas will have reduced dust.
  • Baseball diamonds, control moisture and dust.
  • With use, possible dust shall not harm your eyes, like some other products.


Application is easy.  

*1 gallon of VP Dust Deterrent to 2000-3500 water tank.
*2 gallon of VP Dust Deterrent to 4000-7000 gallon water tank.
*More VP Dust Deterrent be added for more difficult areas.

Suggested Retail:
5 gallon Pail-      $210.00
54 gallon Drum- $2050.00



American made, with American made materials.