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Dirt Tracks


VP Racing Fuels StayWet the Xtreme Track Conditioner adds Performance. 

StayWet provides increased moisture balance, making the soil hydrophilic allowing the moisture to penetrate the surface.  With better moisture penetration, the cation (negative charged) molecules absorb water becoming plastic, thus moldable.
StayWet then introduces anions (positive charge) as an interlayer, going between the clay and silica attracting sublayers to form a better bonding process.  
In this process, when the clay gains plasticity, StayWet gives the surface the ability to bend, stay tacky, while holding silica and mica bonding to the small clay molecules providing for dust control.

When a track works up their soil even slightly.  StayWet will rework the interlayer process, then once reapplied.  The positive charge anion will make the soil turn back to plastic form quickly, thus using less water than was normally used before use of StayWet.

Uses: Dirt Tracks, Go-Karts, Tractor Pulls, OffRoad, MotoCross, Monster Jam

  • StayWet is a non-hazardous material. Bio-degradable.
  • StayWet will not harm waterways, which may result in fish kill
  • With use, possible treated dust shall not harm your eyes
  • StayWet provides adhesion to the racing surface.
  • StayWet provides more than just moisture. It ionizes the dirt surface for better compaction.
  • StayWet reduces water volume.
  • StayWet reduces dust with continued use.
  • Can be used in pit areas and parking lots.
  • StayWet will not hurt plant life. Rather it will promote plant growth.
  • StayWet will promote for less tire wear.
  • Will allow fluids to be pulled into surface with an on track accident making clean ups easier. Never use dry dirt to clean up spills from the racecars. Use moist dirt.
  • StayWet will allow for cold temperature racing without freezing the surface to 15 degrees.
  • StayWet is non-corrosive. Shall not harm metal parts.
  • StayWet reduce holes and ruts through better compaction.
  • StayWet works on sand, gravel and loamy surfaces, all soil types.
  • StayWet is simple to use.  Measure and pour.

Eco-Friendly, biodrgradable, non-hazardous to the environment.

For more information and Pricing, Contact: www.vpracingfuels.com 

Made in the USA!

 From Green to Checkers!  StayWet is the Green Dirt Track Conditioner! 

 Cherokee Speedway