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Track Application Guide

Track Prep Procedure For VP StayWet:

Dirt track, MX, BMX, Short Course, R/C, Tractor Pulls

If you have any technical questions, may call Dane Miller 210-510-8411.

The Track Prep procedure may vary depending upon soil type and track prep methods.
VP Racing Fuels is more than willing to explain applications with anyone for each individual needs.
Upon first time use of StayWet, track prep may use more product initially to help set in the conditioner in the soil.
Please always open up surface (tilled) for best results. Remove all rubber black from surface. 
Sealed surfaces shall create abundant dust if track conditioner is not incorporated correctly.

First weekend application is important for good incorporation.(May require more StayWet to be used) With continued use, provides for great results.

A typical Track Prep (based on 3 day prep) open the soil surface:

Apply StayWet conditioner on the first watering on a track that is (tilled finely) opened up and "Not" sealed. 3/4 Gallon StayWet to 1500/3500 Gallon Water or 1 Gallon StayWet to 4000/7000 Gallon water and leave it set in before even using sheep’s foot, best results is to apply the last water load and leave overnight.

It has been proven, that use of a Lely Roterra or Power Harrow, blending the track conditioner into the soil has resulted in superior results.
Blending the soils together insures tight soil bonding and best dust control.
Doing this procedure on Race Day is a huge benefit, with results for optimum use of StayWet.

Note: Half mile or bigger tracks may take more product usage.

Day 2 prep:
Preform track prep, but don’t seal surface as of yet. StayWet conditioner aids in penetrating the soil much faster than just plain water.
If soils are loamy, you may pack track as necessary. Proceed with watering.
Apply 3/4 gallon StayWet conditioner to (1500/3500 Gallon), 1 Gallon StayWet to(4000/7000 Gallon) water mixture.
Applying water treatment at end of the day of prep, leave set overnight.
Note: Half mile or bigger tracks may take more product usage.

Before sealing track, track prep, MUST keep up with proper amounts of water to keep good moisture, especially on hot, windy summer days.
If Mother Nature blesses the track with rain. Still use StayWet conditioner.

If you think your overwatering the surface, you may not actually be doing so, for the fact StayWet will aid in making surface soil become hydrophilic and accept the moisture.
Plan on earlier wheel packing.

Day of race: 
Always apply water as needed
, treat surface first water load in the morning with 3/4 gallon StayWet conditioner to 1500/3500 gallon or 1 gallon StayWet to 4000/7000 gallon tanker mid afternoon. 
Continue the track prep water schedule as needed.
Let set for at least one hour, before sealing or packing surface.
With Hot temperatures, lack of water can still give problems with dust control. 
Water Liberally 

This is a program, with continued use of StayWet, will gain the optimum performance. One treatment will never be the answer.

The second week and beyond, you may reduce the volume of StayWet Products to fit your needs.  Example: 1/2 gallon StayWet to 1500/3500 gallon water apply 2-3 applications. Or use 1 gallon StayWet to 4000/7000 gallon water only 2 applications on race weekend.

Every region, where tracks are located may present slightly differing treatment schedules.
In sandy soils, the first application of StayWet "may require 2 Gallon" for the first time treatment, into water tanker for best penetration and bonding.
Note: Half mile or bigger tracks may take more product usage.

This procedure has provided the best results. In testing, tracks with high clay content have used as little as 6000 gallons of water with StayWet.
Providing great results throughout the race night entertainment.

Uses of StayWet helps the track staging lanes and pit areas from dust problems when applied to the facility.
You may also use VP Dust Deterrent for dirt or gravel pit areas and parking lots as well.

A two day prep schedule is still the same procedure.

Go-Kart, MX, BMX and R/C Tracks:

Add 32oz. to 64oz. gallon StayWet into 1000 gallon water or less. If you have larger tank, use the above mix ratios.
Be liberal with the water and StayWet conditioner, it will help with the dusting issues , while penetrating the surface.

May spray an application on track earlier in the week to better aid preformance, control more moisture. On race day do one application of StayWet. StayWet will penetrate the racing surface adding moisture deeper and aiding compaction into the surface, while adding more grip with our formulated product.

This has proven to help reduce dust and bond soils together for an enjoyable day or evening of racing. Giving drivers good grip and exciting side by side racing for the spectators.

VP Dust Deterrent may be used in Pit Areas and Parking Lots.

If you have any technical questions, may call Dane Miller 210-510-8411.

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